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Saturday, 29 March, 2008

Do you require proofreading and editing of your writings?

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If so, look no further! I can proofread most of your writing work, whether it is personal or business e.g. letters, CVs (résumés), websites, blogs and advertisements. I will check spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. The way I see it, is like this: people fall into 2 writing categories. The first category concerns those who know their writings are badly written, but choose to ignore it, for whatever reason. The second category concerns those who have no idea that what they have written is, at the very least, amateurish and at worst, unintelligible. It is this category that I feel most sorry for; they are oblivious to their shortcomings. If these people had an inkling that something was amiss with their writings, I’m more that confident that they would take immediate steps to rectify the situation.

Answer this question: “Does it really matter if what is written looks crude?” In my opinion, I would answer this question with a resounding, “Yes!” Why? Well, if you, for example, were reading a blog and there were several, simple mistakes concerning incorrect spelling and grammar, would you honestly, seriously accept what was being said? I wouldn’t! I just leave and move on to the next blog where, hopefully, the situation has improved.

Don’t misunderstand me, as I have already mentioned on this blog, I’m not an English language expert, by any means. However, I truly endeavour to write to the best of my ability, whatever it may be e.g. emails, letters, blogs or website text. When I make a mistake, which occasionally happens, I’m very pleased if someone points it out to me; I still sometimes misuse “who” and “whom.” Who doesn’t? Or is it “whom”? Just kidding! The point I’m making here is this: I’m only human too, like everyone else! However, having said that, I know I’m competent enough to proofread and edit small quantities of everyday prose; I’m more than able to help you with your text.

You may be wondering why I use the phrase “small quantities.” Let me explain. As I’m only asking for a donation for completed work, surely it makes sense for me to request limited quantities of work, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth me bothering; I have bills to pay too! Having said that, if someone reading this blog has something more substantial to be proofread and edited, then I’m sure we can come to an agreement on an appropriate price; just ask!

As usual, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. If you have any work to submit, questions or comments, any feedback whatsoever, please feel free to contact me, via email, at: matthew@cymru3117.fsnet.co.uk. You can also, of course, leave comments on this blog, which would be most appreciated. Thanks for reading; speak to you again soon!


Friday, 21 March, 2008

My Curriculum Vitae (résumé).

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Hi again, here’s my condensed CV as promised. I have included much more than mere writing experience, as I wanted to give a broader view of my skills to prove I am more than capable of producing quality work. Consequently, I have included university and other skills i.e. essay writing, research, IT and more. Furthermore, I’m continually expanding my knowledge of writing; I firmly believe one is never too old to learn. I hope this information gives a clearer picture of the type of person you would be dealing with.

As always, if you have any questions whatsoever please contact me. Thanks for reading.


Email: (please see blog profile).


1998 – 2002 University of Glamorgan: BA (Hons) History & Welsh Studies 2:1

University subjects: as a combined studies’ student. I studied a majority of history and Welsh modules (including Welsh language) plus a variety of independent research projects e.g. Owain Glyndŵr and native Welsh castles. I also worked extensively with computers.

1997 WMCE Treforest

City & Guilds Level 1 – IT Computers & Computing.


Computer and IT Literate:


Internet and IT based research skills.

I am confident that I can make effective use of web/Internet technologies to compile thorough information on most topics.

Libraries/Journals and paper based information skills.

My enthusiasm for information/research is proven by the fact that I planned and chose 4 independent research projects (mini dissertations) throughout the duration of my degree. As a result, I am confident that I am methodical, meticulous and able to compile large amounts of data and information into simple, understandable formats; e.g. compiled field study reports of 25 native Welsh castles into a 3000 word essay.


Microsoft Office (working knowledge) especially Word, and intermediate keyboard skills. Advanced knowledge of the Internet. Extensive, practical experience of using the Linux operating system, which I am currently using and have done for the past 2 years.

Java Programming Basic knowledge.

Web Design Intermediate knowledge.

Personal Skills:

Thorough and meticulous eye for detail

I am frequently asked, by family and friends, to proofread text as I have an excellent, scrupulous eye for detail.


I completed my degree with a 2:1 grade and maintained my family commitments.

Effective planning and time management

The combined studies degree programme allowed me to plan my own agenda. This, out of necessity, required me to be more autonomous and to research the modules more thoroughly to ensure I designed a coherent programme that suited my research and analytical preferences. In fact, I prefer to work with the minimum of supervision.

Intellectual challenge

This is my main motivation in life; studying at university – late in life – being a prime example.

Saturday, 15 March, 2008

Introduction to "Write Service."

Hi, and welcome to my new blog (I also have others). If you require help with the written English language, then you have found the write service! (get it?) This blog is for people whom already have a thorough understanding of the English language, and not for those learning the language; that would require more time than I can afford, sorry.

Email your small quantity of work (as an attachment, if necessary) or website URL and I will contact you after making the necessary changes; if any are indeed needed. I’m not an English language expert, by any means, but I do have enough experience of at least everyday writing, and I only ask for a donation! Furthermore, I also have knowledge of academic writing, having studied at university for 4 years (1998-2002), mainly writing essays. Although my expertise lies with “British English”, I can tackle all English language styles.

Looking forward to hearing from you. If you have any work to submit, questions or comments, please feel free to contact me, via email, at: matthew@cymru3117.fsnet.co.uk. You can also, of course, leave comments on this blog.

My next “post” will probably contain a condensed version of my CV (résumé). Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Diolch yn fawr iawn.

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